Sino Feeling?

 Just a bunch of people with stories about the Philippine environment.

The stories you see here are the result of our experience in volunteering for environmental groups, working for environmental companies, cramming for a biology exam, getting lost during a trek up a mountain, getting lost while diving in Anilao, and surfing online for pictures of cute birds.

But whatever the background, we all have a lesson to share.

We  may not be able to drop out of school and quit our jobs to go live in the forest and lead a nationwide protest/hunger strike/oblation run style march for climate change (at least not yet), but we can still help.

And so can you.

Awareness of what’s happening about the environment is a big problem.

If you have a story you want others to hear about, let us know!

Send us a message at or fill up the form below:

6 thoughts on “Sino Feeling?

  1. Thank you for following Significant Scenarios! I definitely learned new things just by going through this blog. I think there are people like me, like you, who just wants to help in our own little ways but don’t know how to start. This blog is definitely taking that small step one at a time and I would like to be part of it. 🙂


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